Making Funeral Arrangements

Making funeral arrangements can appear stressful and daunting. We at Tucker & Nankivell pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and experience to help you make arrangements. We have a range of services and options designed to meet your requirements.

Every funeral is personal and different but there are key decisions that need to be made as part of your funeral arrangements. These include:

  • Date and time of the service
  • Burial or cremation
  • Service location.


The funeral service can take place in different locations. You could elect for a church, chapel, graveside or other location. Tucker & Nankivell are pleased to be able to offer you the use of our chapel for the service. Click here for details of our chapel.

Additional Information

In addition to the details above you will also need to know:

  • The deceased’s full name, address and age
  • The location where the deceased is resting
  • The name and contact details of the doctor of the deceased
  • Whether a Cause of Death Certificate has been issued
  • Whether the funeral will be a religious or non-religious (civil) ceremony. Tucker & Nankivell is experienced in arranging multi-religion and┬ácultural ceremonies.

We may ask you other questions about the service. At this junction we will also ask about specific funeral requirements or wishes for the service.

The Arrangement Meeting

The arrangement meeting can be conducted at your home or in our office. Depending on the requirements, this initial meeting can take between one and two hours. This meeting helps us understand your requirements, allows us to seek any relevant documentation and provide you with a cost estimate.

During this meeting you make decisions such as:

  • Are vehicles required, if so how many?
  • Will/should there be a viewing? More Information
  • Will music be used during the service?
  • Do you require printed tributes, cards or order of services?
  • Will the death and funeral be advertised in the newspaper? More Information
  • Will there be a wake or gathering after the service?
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