What should I do if my travelling companion dies?

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It is important that the death of any Australian overseas is reported to an Australian mission. A directory of Australian overseas missions appears in the ‘Getting Help Overseas’ section of each edition of Travel Smart: hints for Australian travellers. This booklet is issued with your passport and available online at smartraveller.gov.au.

You will need the following details about the deceased if you report the death:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number, place and date of issue
  • Next-of-kin
  • Whether they were suffering from any communicable illness
  • Whether they had travel insurance and if so, the name and contact details of the company.

If the death is unexpected and did not occur in a hospital, the local police will be involved. If you have not yet reported the death, the police should immediately notify the nearest Australian mission. The insurance company or consular staff in Australia can help to notify the next-of-kin in Australia.