What should I do if my travelling companion dies?

Information in this article is provided by » It is important that the death of any Australian overseas is reported to an Australian mission. A directory of Australian overseas missions appears in the ‘Getting Help Overseas’ section of each… Read more »

What happens if a family member dies overseas?

Information in this article is provided by » Under international law, the nearest Australian mission (embassy, consulate or high commission) should always be notified of the death of an Australian citizen. If a tour company or a friend notifies… Read more »


Information in this article is provided by » If an Australian dies overseas and has travel insurance, this can significantly reduce the stress on relatives and loved ones. Insurance companies will generally provide advice on and take care of… Read more »

Death overseas

Information in this article is provided by » Each year almost 1000 Australians die overseas, usually through illness or accident. The death of a loved one is always distressing for family and friends. When the death occurs overseas, isolating… Read more »

Getting a person’s name taken off mailing lists

If you want to have the name and telephone number of the person who died removed from mailing lists, you can ask the Australian Direct Marketing Association to do it for you. To register the details, write to: ADMA, Reply… Read more »

Who to notify after someone dies

When someone dies a number of people and organisations need to be told. This helps to finalise the person’s affairs and makes sure you can get the help you need. Before you start contacting the relevant people or organisations, it… Read more »

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